How to Apply

How to Apply


To be eligible to apply for a Gromet Foundation scholarship, students must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  • The application form must be signed by a school counselor approving the submittal by the applicant.
  • The applicant must be a senior at the Hawaii high school for which the counselor has certified.
  • The applicant must be a resident of the State of Hawaii and either a U.S. citizen, resident alien, or person holding an asylum status.
  • The applicant must submit each and every item required in the application form, i.e. *SAT or ACT scores, transcripts, tax returns, and answers to questions posed in the application form.  
  • The applicant must be financially disadvantaged.

Whether a student is financially disadvantaged depends upon a number of factors which will be determined by the Gromet Foundation in its sole discretion. We look at the parents’ tax returns, type of jobs they have and number of dependents. We also look for indications of hardship which may be mentioned by school counsels in their recommendations. Generally speaking, being financially disadvantaged to us means the family, as a unit, is earning less than 150% of the poverty level for Hawaii. You can determine the poverty level based on family size by referring  to For example, if the poverty line for a family of 4 is $40,000/yr. we will look for a family income which does not exceed $60,000/yr.

Another factor which is something we look at is whether the applicant is the first member of his/her family to attend college. This, too, is often an indication of being financially disadvantaged.

How to Apply

The only way to apply for a Gromet Foundation scholarship is to obtain the application form from your high school college counselor, have him/her sign it, and complete all of the steps which are described in the application form.  Semi-finalists are required to sit for an interview with Foundation staff.

Scholarship Amounts, Purpose

Currently, the Gromet Foundation awards scholarships of $2,000/yr. to students attending colleges and universities in Hawaii, and $5,000/yr. to students attending colleges and universities outside of Hawaii. The scholarships are renewable so long as certain conditions have been satisfied.


*As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, SAT and ACT scores will not be required or considered with regard to Gromet Scholarships for the current cycle.